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Perfect Skin

30 ml

Mandelic Acid 15%

  • Exfoliates dead cells, promotes cell turnover, tightens pores, and stimulates the production of endogenous collagen.
  • Smoothes and tightens the skin from the very first use.
  • Non-photosensitizing.

DOCTOR G. Perfect Skin is formulated without petrolatum, parabens, mineral oils, synthetic glitter, phtalates, silicone derivatives, EDTA, microplastics, SLA/SLS.


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In stock


Derived from Bitter Almond extract, this natural non-photosensitizing chemical peeling removes the layer of dead cells responsible for skin's loss of radiance. It strongly diminishes blemishes and promotes tissue regeneration, thus smoothing wrinkles and imperfections. It tightens pores and makes skin firm and smooth.


  • After cleansing, apply a small amount of product onto the face using a fingertip until an even film covers the skin, avoiding contact with the eye and lip area. Do not ingest.
  • The appearance of slight tingling/redness in the next few minutes is normal and indicates the product is working properly. Wait 10 minutes and remove the product using a cotton pad and N°001A MICELLAR WATER
  • Perform this step no more than 2 times per week, discontinuing if significant redness and flaking occurs. It is recommended to perform this step in the evening*.

*To achieve a deeper peel, you can use this product before bedtime without rinsing and without the addition of subsequent products. Rinse in the morning and proceed with Doctor G. 5 Beauty Steps. This use, however, is recommended only after testing the response of one's skin for at least 2 weeks using a 10-minute application time and rinsing as indicated above. In the 48 hours following application, avoid using N°004A PURE VIT C to prevent excessive flaking.

NB: this product contains an extract of almonds (nuts). Please make sure beforehand that there is no sensitivity and/or allergy to the ingredients contained in the product.





I have very sensitive skin. Can I use a product containing Mandelic Acid?

Although it is an extremely safe product, skin sensitivity varies from individual to individual. Therefore, we recommend asking your dermatologist about your skin’s suitability in using Mandelic Acid at 15%.

Why is it not recommended its use in conjunction with N°004A PURE VIT C?

Our Vitamin C serum is an 8% pure unbuffered alpha-hydroxy acid. As such, it also acts as a mild exfoliant. Its use in conjunction with N°002A PERFECT SKIN with Mandelic Acid 15% results in an overall increase in acid power and, consequently, a more aggressive and exfoliating action on the skin.

Therefore, we recommend discontinuing the use of N°004A PURE VIT C in the 48 hours prior and subsequent to N°002A PERFECT SKIN treatment.

Can I keep it longer than 10 minutes?

Yes, however, we recommend testing its subjective response on your skin by following the guidelines provided in the “HOW TO USE” section.

How do I rinse it off?

We recommend using our N°001A MICELLAR WATER or, alternatively, plain water to remove any residue.