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Pure Vit C

30 ml

Pure Vitamin C Serum 8%

  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Brightens the complexion.
  • Protects against oxidative stress.
  • Gently exfoliates the skin.
  • Promotes cell turnover.
  • Reduces sun spots and stimulates microcirculation.

DOCTOR G. Pure Vit C is formulated without petrolatum, parabens, mineral oils, synthetic glitter, phtalates, silicone derivatives, EDTA, microplastics, SLA/SLS.


In stock

In stock


Our serum is a powerful antioxidant, stimulating microcirculation and giving immediate radiance, thanks to the pure alpha-hydroxy acids of Ginkgo Biloba contained inside. In addition, it effectively exfoliates and evens out the skin’s complexion.


  • Apply a few drops all over the face and massage until completely absorbed, avoiding the eye area.

To avoid excessive flaking, we recommend discontinuing its use in the 48 hours following application of N°002A PERFECT SKIN.





What makes our Vitamin C serum different from others?

Our Vitamin C serum contains pure unbuffered Ginkgo Biloba acid extract at 8%. Being an alpha-hydroxy acid, it carries out a portentous antioxidant action also thanks to Ascorbic Acid, equally contributing to cell turnover. Our INCI highlights the unique nature of our formulation as it contains only four ingredients at its core: PROPYLENE GLYCOL, GINKGO BILOBA EXTRACT, AQUA - WATER, ASCORBIC ACID. Compare it to others.

Why is it not recommended its use in conjunction with N°002A PERFECT SKIN?

Our Vitamin C serum is an 8% pure unbuffered alpha-hydroxy acid. As such, it also acts as a mild exfoliant. Its use in conjunction with N°002A PERFECT SKIN with Mandelic Acid 15% results in an overall increase in acid power and, consequently, a more aggressive and exfoliating action on the skin.

Therefore, we recommend discontinuing the use of N°004A PURE VIT C in the 48 hours prior and subsequent to N°002A PERFECT SKIN treatment.

Can I use it in combination with N°004B PURE HYALURONIC SERUM or alternatively?

Yes. However, we recommend its alternate use: N°004A PURE VIT C in the morning, N°004B PURE HYALURONIC SERUM at night.

I have the feeling my skin looks scaly after the first few applications. What to do about it?

A slight exfoliating effect is indicative of the proper functioning of the product, as stated in the description. However, the response to the action of the alpha-hydroxy acid contained in the formulation is subjective. Thus, if major flaking and/or undesirable effects occur, it is recommended to discontinue its use immediately. It is also worth mentioning that our Vitamin C should in no way be applied on the eye area, as it is a hypersensitive and delicate zone.

I have the feeling of looking "bronzed" after a few applications. Is this normal?

Yes, in its oxidation phase our N°004A PURE VIT C "caramelizes" the skin, giving a slightly tanned appearance in some subjects. It is, nevertheless, a temporary effect that ceases after a few days.